Indiana Gratings Private Limited is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Electroforged floor gratings, stair treads, safety handrails, structural steel fabrication (I-Beam, H-Beam, T-Beam, Plus Beam & Box Beam) and cable trays.

In 1968, Indiana started its journey with the manufacturing of floor gratings.

Now, over forty years later, we offer a large variety of products; yet floor gratings continue to be our core product.

Our name has become synonymous with the product as the result of more than forty years of designing, manufacturing and supplying gratings worldwide.  

We have served both the national and international markets with our products and the various export awards we have received highlight the company’s global presence.  


With seven lines of fully automated Electroforge welding machines we are perhaps the largest manufacturer of Electroforged gratings in the world with a daily production capacity of over 250 MT.


We have 500,000 sq. feet of ultramodern factory space at MIDC, Jejuri (near Pune, India) and one plant in Saudi Arabia which are equipped with European Electroforged grating manufacturing machines and automated grating cutting machines which can manufacture high quality gratings at a fast rate of production.

We are involved in the entire manufacturing process of cable trays and can manufacture perforated cable trays and ladder type cable trays (cable ladders) up to 6 metres long.  

Indiana Gratings Private Limited also has a galvanizing facility strategically located only 200 meters away from our manufacturing facilities. The unit has a well-equipped zinc bath with heavy duty EOT cranes for galvanizing floor gratings panels and ladder type cable trays (cable ladders) of up to 6 metres in length.  


Quality is factor that is today taken as assumed but, at Indiana we do not assume and do not presume. Quality is  often a factor too easily assumed but here at Indiana we take nothing for granted.

The key to success in any business is through emphasizing quality and Indiana’s commitment to creating value for customers through technology makes it the leader in quality in the industry.  

The Quality-in-charge reports directly to the Managing Director, thereby ensuring that the top management is made aware of any problems or issues that arise without it being diluted through the plant in charges.  

We have built global quality by implementing the following –  

1]    We involve quality measures for all products.
2]   We have set up systems, procedures and standards to minimize defects, errors and reworks to continuously        improve quality levels.  We have set up various procedures to test our products to ensure and improve their        quality levels.
3]    Supply material of right quantity and quality in a timely frame.
4]    Continuous up gradation of employees through various training programs.  We continue to train our staff and        develop their knowledge of the industry.

Certification of quality standards – We have been awarded various certifications for our quality.

Indiana quality confirms to global quality standards.

Group wide awareness programs have been initiated and various projects are in the pipeline.  

Customer complaints resolution system -
1]    A time bound system is in place to ensure that regular Client feedback is encouraged.
2]   All customer complaints are taken into account and a detailed root cause analysis is carried out to avoid similar        problems in the future.
3]    We encourage our clients to fill out a customer satisfaction survey.

All of our raw materials are procured from a reputed and reliable supplier base and undergo a thorough inspection
process. Testament to the high quality of our goods is the fact that we are a ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company by TUV NORD. 


Indiana Gratings ensures maximum safety during the entire manufacturing process and provides a pleasant and healthy working environment.

It strictly observes the required safety precautions necessary to protect the well-being of our staff.


Indiana Gratings has expanded considerably in terms of capacity, client base and sales and has continued to improve the quality of its products.  


Indiana Gratings has an in-house drawing, drafting and engineering department.

Our design office is fully equipped with the latest innovative technology.

All the drawings are made as per the specifications of our customers.

We are able to convert your structural drawings into detailed grating layouts that show the grating geometry and we can prepare the shop drawings for fabrication. Special attention is paid to cutouts and circular shapes.