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INDIANA Ready Fix Handrail System

Solid Type Handrail System

These are heavy duty type handrail systems which are manufactured with a solid forge process. It adopts the ball joint design whereby the solid shank is attached to a ball using --------------------. Indiana is the market of these rails and therefore offers many sizes and strength options. It is available in mild steel with standard finish, self colour, painted, galvanized or powder coated Indiana “Ready Fix” railings are recommended on applications where safety is  a prime concern in -------.  Indiana handrails are sleek, elegant and easy to transport. They are also very easy to install and can be fixed by using welding or bolts. We can produce various standard posts as well as customized ones.  

Standard Solid Handrails Post:

                           Flat base type                                              Side base type


                            Flat base racked type                           Angled base raked type


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