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Why FRP Gratings

  1. Lightweight
  2. High corrosion resistance level
  3. Electric insulation
  4. Aesthetic value
  5. Durability therefore economical
  6. Available in Anti skid, Fire Retardant and Ultraviolet Protection Types


Corrosion resistant - Resistant to almost all chemicals & in most hostile environments

Light weight - Density 4 times less than steel & 1 times to aluminium

Non-conductive - Does not carry electric current

Maintenance free - No painting, no cleaning required

Lowest in life cycle cost

No rusting. No painting ( in built colour, colour can be of your choice to suit your plant colour)

Easy to install

Aesthetic- Improves the plant look with attractive colours

Gives comfort while walking or standing

Easy to clean - Washable since they are completely rust & corrosion proof

Electronically transparent ( Does not affect electromagnetic or Radio wave frequency)

No welding required while installing

Slip / fall resistant - Special anti-skid surface prevents accidents due to falling or slipping

Fire retardant - Available with class 1 fire rating & oxygen index less than 32

Thermally insulated - so can be installed in areas of high temperatures

Durable & resilient

Resistant to microbial growth

Low installation cost - can be installed by anybody being lightweight & can be cut by hand tools

High strength to weight ratio

Easy to cut to any size - Requires hand tools

Long service life due to superior corrosion resistance, high strenght

Impact resistant

Monolithic one-piece construction in moulded type

UV resistant - Prolonged exposure to sunlight is not a problem with FRP grating

Available in any colour of your