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Why FRP Cable Trays

Manufacturing Process:  
The basic pultrusion process involves:  

  1. Pulling of continuous fibres through a resin bath, blended with a catalyst and then into a pre forming fixture where the section is partially pre-shaped and excess resin is removed.
  2. It is then processed through a heated die which determines the sectional geometry and finishes of the final product.
  3. A flying cut-off saw is programmed to cut the product to the desired length.

Advantage of Indiana FRP Cable Trays  

  • Indiana FRP Cable Trays (caps) are of the highest quality, they are strong, chemical resistant, fire retardant, Have electric insulation and are UV protected.  
  • Indiana FRP Cable Trays (caps) are lightweight, cut to length and can be quickly installed.
  • They are elegant, attractive and lighter than STEEL CABLE TRAY SYSTEM.
  • Indiana FRP Cable Trays (caps) have been used  worldwide and have proved that they are of world class quality,.

Ordering Information  

  • Type of Tray : Ladder Type or Perforated Type
  • Length of Tray : Please Specify
  • Width of Tray : Please Specify
  • Height of Tray : Please Specify
  • Thickness of Tray : Please Specify
  • Rung distance for Ladder Type Cable Tray (no caps needed)